February 26, 2010

Type Experiments

Here are some of my corrections and new versions for the weather types. I'm beginning to finish up with all of these, an begin merging them on to the billboard and bus templates. First, I'll probably make a few more cloud images. The theme that I'm trying to do for is the "worst of conditions", specifically at night. I haven't quite worked out a tagline yet. Anyway, I need to switch up some of the words in the cloudy composition now, since "fluffy" and "wooly" aren't exactly terrifying, dangerous words.

The snow composition is almost finished, I'm just going to add a few more teeny word 'flakes.' I don't want it to look like a pathetic snowfall, but I don't want it to look like a blizzard either. I want the words to be clear enough, and still look quiet.
Done with night! I think I've done all that I'm going to do to this little guy. I added more words, and made some drastic scale modifications. I also added a slant to everything in an attempt to give it a little extra depth. There's no danger in this composition, but that's because in respect to the narrative of the series, this is the beginning, where there is no danger yet.

WIND! This is my favorite weather piece, for sure. These were made in camera, and now I'm beginning to composite them into one massive, scary image. I added in the colored version of the first image, just for fun. Purdy, right? Anyway, this also shows who I've chosen as my news channel--CNN. Given the serious nature of my weather types, I don't think I want to use any of the other channels. CNN is serious business.

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