February 20, 2010

CHANGE ONE THING. Then change another, and another.

So I just sent in my submission of the Change One Thing poster competition. Gotta admit, whenever I submit something, it's just a bit nerve-racking. Anyway, this is the final version of the poster, scribbles and all!
My intention with this poster was to incite people to want to garden, no matter where you live! Urban gardening is in an upward trend, and for good reason. It's a great way to save a little bit of money on the groceries, eat better, avoid the chemicals of store-bought veggies, and relieve the stress of everyday life (watering and tending to plants is therapeutic, you know)! Most importantly though, you don't need an fancy-schmancy garden to plant your produce in, almost any household object can be made into it's own plant pot (like a shoe, for example!). Also, I added a link to a reliable, easy to navigate site that has a lot of helpful information on urban gardening.

Here are some of my early versions and iterations that got me to where I ended up (click for a bigger, more detailed image):

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