February 6, 2010

Design Process

This article helps a lot with the designing process, really breaking it down piece by piece. While the importance of process is constantly emphasized in studio, Meggs articulates each part of the process really well, which only further helps understand the significance of it all.

In relation to the project we are currently working on, the step on information gathering seemed to really pop out at me. While working on our Change One Thing project, collecting information on the topic that we chose is imperative to the outcome of the poster. The article mentioned that as a designer works on an assignment, they made need to look up more information than what they gathered at the beginning. This is a big part of trial-and-error--if you continue in the same direction without the proper information, then you're going to get stuck in a rut as your idea hits a dead end and become stagnant. This kind of happened to me earlier, and looking up more stuff about my topic, urban gardening, really helped me gather more ideas. I'll continue to look back on this reading as a template for the creative process.

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