February 11, 2010

Icons, first round

After the critique over these, I think that the versions I will emphasize with my iterations are the outlined, geometric, repeated element, and possibly framing methods (and of course combinations of all categories). I particularly enjoyed the geometric versions of my objects, but it seems like the shrimp is a little bit too robotic, or maybe too skeletal. Either way, I'll be working on correcting this, while also trying to fix the awkward shape of the carrot top bundle that is present on ALL of its versions.

Also, we have an new addition to the object family. Or more so, a substitution. After having a lot of trouble with my fire alarm drawings, a decided to sub it out for a fire extinguisher. I know it's an important object in relation to my story, but if it's not rendered correctly then it is not doing any good. After doing a series of gestural and intentional drawings, I think it's pretty clear that my drawings of fire extinguishers are a lot more readable than the alarm ones.
I've decided to go ahead and work on my fire alarm icons now, giving me more time to give attention to it. I'll also be translating the burned food into icons during this round, since it's a tough object to tackle successfully! x)

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