February 11, 2010

Nabokov Poster!

I've got some work to do!
  • The perspective on this is really flat, which in turn also makes it really boring. I need to try taking shots at more dynamic angles. This will be a challenge since the chess board is not actually wood, and from certain angles a bit of a glare forms on it which makes it really obvious that it's paper. I'll so a lot of experimenting with the lighting to solve this problem though!
  • Boring composition and very divided across the middle. Rearranging my items will help with this, and hopefully also help with the flatness issue previously mentioned before. I'll try setting the books up sideways, although I want to make sure that the name and quote retain their readability and don't look awkward. Also, before I had considered adding in some flags, but didn't know how to do so without it looking weird. I'll try it out though and we'll see how it goes.
  • MISPELLED A WORD! Crap. Already fixed this, thanks for pointing it out, Vi! :)
  • Keeping everything in focus. Yea, that's just me being incompetent with my camera. Won't happen again (I hope).
A few things I do want to keep though:
  • The owl figurine - I considered finding a different owl that looks more realistic, but I want this owl because he clearly looks like a figurine or maybe a bookend. He looks like he is on a bookshelf, which is a good thing, he's in the right place! :)
  • Monochromatic-ness overall - I'm glad I got the poster to look monochromatic and warm-colored without looking YELLOW.

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