February 2, 2010

Type Image Message

This was an interesting read, and helped me understand a process behind project 2. Creating an environment for the image you want is a good way to start your creative process, even if it's a very abstract creation. Keeping elements as hand-made as possible helps create cohesive pieces that you can have a lot of control over, as opposed to using the computer for everything. It also helps get other elements into perspective, such as color, lighting, and texture. It's important to make sure that every element in the piece allude to the theme that you're trying to convey.
Also the relationship between image and type is something that is mentioned, and something that I'm going to keep in mind as this project evolves. It's going to be a lot trickier to embed the text into the scene manually instead of adding it on top digitally. But this just adds to the amount of thought and care that will have to go into project 2, which is fine with me. After all, graphic design is a way to solve problems, not just using programs and tools!

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