February 6, 2010

Steve Frykholm

A few notes on Steve Frykholm, from his lecture, his works, and his critique.
Attention to detail:
Do we take the time to pay attention to what we say and how it's represented? What's appropriate?

In regard to Change One Thing:
  • Cliches are easily understood, but what other icons symbols can represent the idea?
  • Don't use text like a "bandaid on an assignment."
  • Don't say the same thing with both your image and your type--leave something for the viewer to explore.
  • "Change One Thing"
-keeping the tagline could make it more personal that just having the topic as the tagline
-is it a command or a call to action? Does the image make you want to do something?
  • Narrative is king. Messages are important, work harder on your words.
  • Facts may be more important than headlines.
  • "Shoulder climbing"

"You have to create a MAGNET."

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