February 20, 2010

Final Photo; Vladmir Nabokov

Here's the evolution of project 2 for Image class.

I chose the Russian author Vladmir Nabokov Known for such novels like Lolita and Speak, Memory, he's pretty well known for his stunning and controversial writings. He was not only an author though. He was a chess player and an entomologist, talented in anything he took an interest in.

So here's the first attempt. It has a lot of compositional problems and overall is pretty boring. I decided to keep messing with the elements of the photo, and add some more objects to help further develop the personality of Mr. Nabokov.

This is the second attempt. The composition is way too centered, but the slanted book is a bit more visually interesting then just having them stacked. I added flags to show his diversity, since he was a multilingual and also since each one represents a place he lived in at some point in his life. They're a little too cliche though.

These two are my final. The first one is the one that I sent to the plotter, and turned in for critique. The indexes for Nabokov are his books, the checkers, and butterflies, for the reasons I explained at the top. The symbols are the map and the owl. The map, is of course, representing his international life, and the owl is a representation of his wisdom.

As for the second image, I was so horrified by my stupid spelling error that I tried my hand at a little photoshop-editing to see what it would look like if I weren't such an absent-minded idiot.

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