March 1, 2010

Sinful Chicks

So, this weekend was full of construction of my 7 deadly sins pictures! I've collected a lot of materials, make a chick-sized stage, and have started making the items for each of the sins. I haven't taken any formal pictures, because making each one makes such a mess, I would rather get all the construction out of the way, and then do all the shots.

Show biz is tough for chicks. There aren't many benefits, either.
So I fibbed a little, I've taken some shots. But they're TEST shots, so they don't count! This is more of just a record for which ones I've made stuff for. So far, I've got most of Lust's props done, most of Greed's, and I'm pretty much done with Envy.


Seeing what string looks like. I was thinking of changing it to fishing string, but I'm not so sure now, I kind of like the crafty look of the normal string. I'll see what it looks like with some of the other sins. Hmm hmm hmmmm...
Just for fun: If you have lots of time on your hands and something really tiny like miniature dice with you, try accidentally throwing them away in a garbage can filled with AIGA lunch leftovers! You'll have lots of fun sifting through all the trash while smelling a weekends-worth of food. Wearing grocery bags as mittens is recommended, though.

So yellow! I've got lots of colors papers and patterns, different ones for each sin. This will not be envy's colors, of course!