March 24, 2010

Learning New Things

None of this is graphic design.

A list of things I want to learn/do:

Growing Moss
It's lovely to have found this moss "recipe," since previous to this I always just hunted and used moss I found at different locations. Not only does this prevent a lot of problems (bugs in the moss, uneven coverage, dying moss(kind)) it also opens up a lot more opportunities as to what I can do with it! I don't know if the weather will allow, but I'm gonna try to find some good moss tomorrow so I'll have some moss terrariums off to a good start, ready for spring. I'll also be familiar with the process, so I can make more moss spread later, maybe try experimenting with where it is applied. x)

Makin Some Curtains
I need some curtains, now that the sun is actually starting to show up! Also, I don't know how to sew, and it's on my list of things to learn. I figure big, simple rectangles can't be too difficult. It's a start!

Perhaps a Peg Board?
Another interior design project. Freeing up cabinet space by making a peg board pot and untensil holder! Julia Childs knows best.

Some other images for inspiration:

Montage/ collage with patterns/veneers. No Purpose, just playing with shapes:
Water colouring. Illustration. Flowers.
Cut paper. Cats with glasses.
Botany. Dried and pressed plants. On display.
Functional and Fresh. Tangle free necklaces? We'll see.
Found plantlife mashup.
I don't know if I'll get around to any of this at all, but it's something I at least want to look into. I can only spend so much time looking up information about food/cooking for all three classes! :)


  1. These are all great. When we get some time, if you need a hand with anything, let me know. Posting something to do with life outside out the design studio or design mindset sometimes reminds us that we're not just designers but humans as well. Our passions can be expressed in different activities too.


  2. But all of these things ARE design! You're dealing with arrangement and composition, solving problems and organizing, expressing visual identity.

    Design can find its way into all aspects of your life - a well "designed life".