March 10, 2010

Color Safari

So, in order to find better colors for my icons, I have been looking veeeeeery closely at the reference images for colors that might be dangerous and tasty at the same time, or at least one or the other. I think this time around, I got a much larger variety than what I had from my initial search. I think this is partly due to the extent at which I explored each image as a pallet of hidden colors instead of an image of something relating to my story. This is a screenshot of a picture of ruined food. I would never have expected to find so many purples and greens in something that just appears to be black from far away.

After choosing a new group of colors, I asked Taylor Pruitt for some help with the connotations of the items. The only ones that seem to not work at all are the green from the fire extinguisher, which seem too nature-y. The greens from the first image, however, seem more food-like (like celery or other greens), and work better with my story. Then it was time to apply the colors to my icons again!

I tried to make color combinations that used both bright, rich colors to represent the food and the bright colors of warning, and also use some muddy colors that show the disaster and messiness of the story. Hopefully there will be some winners in this round of iterations! :)

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