March 12, 2010

Icons • Final Sets and progression

Here's the final portion of the progression of my icons! In this stage we explored adding color to our icons:
A lot of time was spent choosing colors by sampling the photographs that we gathered at the veeeery beginning of the project as source images for our icons. One thing that I had trouble with initially was only choosing the colors that I thought that I wanted from the images. I looked for oranges in carrots, green in the leaves, and grays on the pots and pans. Because of this, my first round of colors were not very successful; I was looking for specific colors instead of exploring all of my options. Shame on me. After talking with an upperclassman though, it was suggested that I try sampling colors from parts of the images that might not be the focus of the image (ie: the kitchen in the background, instead of the pot itself). The colors that I came up with in this secondd round were a lot more successful, and from this set I chose the colors that I ended up using for my final set:

Color scheme pyramid! Those are actually the colors I chose for the one-color, two-color, and three-color icon sets, respectively. I really like these colors, and I think they're pretty successful at conveying the ideas of both "tastiness" and "dangerous.

The final icons (2 and 3 color sets):

Ater the critique today, I'll be making some more changes to both the colors and the icons themselves. Or, better said, I will be altering the distribution of color throughout, not changing the colors.
Notes from today's critique:
  • Pizza Box • possibly needs a rounder edge, or perhaps a hint at the demention of the box. It's an improvement on the last icon, but still needs some work! I'll also try removing the thin lines on the inside of the pizza, which can actually allow me to make my curlies a bit bigger, which will be nice. Lastly, no green for the pizza color. Gross.
  • Extinguisher • Maybe the exhaust needs to be changed so something more similar to the flames on the pan icon. It looks like a fiesta extinguisher right now.
  • Recipe Box • Skewing the box so that it is similar to the pizza box, so it is not so dense and flat.
  • Soup Pot • Try to make the bubbles/lumps look more refined, similar to the leaves on the carrots.
  • Three-Color Set • Try making only a tiny piece of each icon have the third color, so it's more like an accent. It will help unify the set, yes?

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