March 3, 2010

7 sins (including the missing WRATH!)

Ok, so here's the first round of photos for the 7 sins chicks! I've got a lot of things I need to work on, with with the weekend to do it all, I think there will be enough time to get everything done properly.

For pride, I think the message is pretty clear, and I like the composition, but I'm going to redo the word bubble and try taking the photo with different colors of "floor." Looking through my photos, they're all very colorful, but not totally cohesive. Some are darker than others, or more saturated, and I want to pay more attention now to making all of them match better. Light colors like this one are my goal!

There are a lot of problems with this photo, beginning with the color. It's too dark, and when printed, waaaay too saturated. I need to mute the colors down and try to keep with the bright Easter colors! The word bubble on this is too dark as well, and I'm going to try using a darker color for the writing on it. Also, getting the focus right! Gotta work on that! Ah, and, making some poker chips, too.

This one is one that I'm actually quite pleased with, so I will probably leave it as-is for now. If anything, I might just re-shoot it with different lighting, just to see what it looks like. I'm not going to change much about this one though.

I want to stick with this idea, because it seems that it pretty clearly conveys the word that it's supposed to. Once again though, it's not very cohesive right now, so I'm going to take it with some different color choices to make it look right!

This one certainly needs some more brain-storming! My idea was that the Sloth chick was being lazy, and not helping out his wife-chick with all the children. But reading seems to be too active of an activity for sloth, so this needs some work. Focus is a problem again, and the composition of everything is pretty weird. I will attempt to fix this. Also, the golf-course-green floor is leaving the scene. Blech.

I've got the idea down on this one, but the photo still isn't doing it justice. There are some issues with the color in this, and part of it is because it was taken in poor lighting, boo! I'll be using good light this time, and things like the hearts and the chick's beak won't be lost and blown out of the image so much. Also, the friggin word bubble is sideways! How sloppy! I would really prefer for it to be straight on, so that's another thing I'd like to take note of for the retake.

Here's the late arrival:

I'm gonna ask some people what they think of it tomorrow!


  1. Wrath=good!!!!.

    Redoing some of the word bubbles is a good idea though, making the text have some more room, and some over all refinement will make it so GREAT!

    I also really like how you concentrated all on one color in most of them.


  2. i don't want to come across that chick in a dark alley. scary!
    very nice work, kelsey.