March 6, 2010

Icons; beginning color

After messing around with different colors to my icons, the three directions that I ended up going in were:

Plate Background
Half and Half

Adding colors from the color pallet:
And after the partner critique, these are the colors that survived:

Not too many. I pretty much need to rethink all of the colors. Doing the connotative lists really helped me understand I direction I needed to be going in though, so hopefully the next round of colors will be more appropriate. I need to look for colors that are both chaotic and tasty.
After applying colors to the icons, I've narrowed it down from outline, 50/50, and plate background to 2 color 50/50, 3 color 50/50, 2 color plate background and 3 color plate background. Also, the actual color combination in my icons are naiive, like a "high schooler's art project." I'll be redoing these, and I'll start by rereading over the color class material from last semester.

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