March 27, 2011

PSA: Initial Brainstorming

The first idea from the initial brainstorming was directed towards baby boomers, and it was a series of posters alerting them to the danger or certain areas of their home. Problems with this was that posters are pretty dull, and that it was so serious that it could potentially offend someone, or just be seen as a big joke.
The second idea was also involving germs and baby boomers, but this was with a LOT more pieces. It was supposed to be a website that helped baby boomers with their cleaning around their house. There were elements like a diagram of rooms in your house, and what areas might be germy. To go along with this, there were simple, printable materials that could remind of assist the baby boomers. One was a recipe card for how to make your own bleach, and it could be put on their fridge. They would also be able to print out things such as checklists and calendars with "cleaning day" called out somehow. Way too much for this project, but all pretty interesting, and in my opinion, pretty useful!

I went ahead with a hybrid of the two ideas, getting rid of the website and concentrating on just a few key elements.

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