March 27, 2011

PSA: Flushing Out

So for all of this, what I decided to do was make a series of visuals that go in a doctors office. This is because baby boomer caregivers spend a LOT of time dealing the doctors their patients go to visit. This is also a good spot because at the doctors office, YOU ARE TRAPPED. And you have to sit for a long time! So, there's incentive to let our eyes wander out and discover these pieces scattered around the room.

First is the waiting room. This includes the doorknob, light switch, television, telephone, receptionist's computer/desk, and pay station (credit cards).

The examination room will cover the sink/drain/faucet, counter tops, cupboards and trash can.

And the bathroom will have another sink (maybe) and the toilet handle.
And this is a rough of the magnet they can pick up on their way out to help them remember to do these things once they are back at home.

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