March 2, 2011

Atypeical: Freshman Pep Squad

For my portion of the freshman information/presentation I produced the circular information leave behind and the small remind card. One thing that we wanted to emphasise was the importance of the time factor in the production and presentation of all the elements of information. Altogether, we wanted to create:
  • Simple to print and post flyer
  • 1 or 2 very large, colored posters for IMPACT
  • Circular flyer
  • Email New Letter
  • Business card-sized reminder (to be left on their desk)

Instead of bombarding the freshmen with a ton of information and then leaving them to forget about it, we decided it would be best to do it in this sort of order:
  • sneak peak sort of thing
  • information
  • information with examples of work (presentation)
  • reminded a couple days beforehand
Since talking in class, the purpose of the circle has changed (to a more guerrilla graphic) and the poster might have the possibility of being in strange/atypical (heh) locations, with strange dimensions. I am excited about all this.

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