March 2, 2011

Atypeical: Starting to Finesse

Before class:

I spent time playing with many different type lockups and typefaces choices for the combination of the symposium name and the tagline. Then I selected an image from some of the ones that Karen produced, and placed the type on top of it. I wanted to try and keep the idea that I had from last class, where I made bars that reflected the nature of the image behind it. This round was...not so successful.

During class though, I was part of the team that was working on a logo shape! Here were my brainstormings that I pumped out during the hour we worked:
I wanted to use the circle idea we had going, in correlation with the idea of the exchange of ideas or "round table" feeling our symposium will have. The idea that I liked the best was the overlapping, rotated ovals. They were originally circles, but I felt that a more flat shape would help lend itself to the shape of the text that would go inside.

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