March 2, 2011

Atypeical: Initial theming ideas

So here are some of the brainstormings of the earliest stages of the Atypeical branding. I had messed around with some different ideas, mostly staying in black in white for the sake of keeping it simple and allowing it to be put on any media.

At first I though an idea that involved the sort of "pieced together" nature of the symposium, because it was made from 12 people collaborating. I had some weird idea of playing with negative space, and pushing the legitiblity. This looked very silly. Execution was not spot on.
Then after this, and after looking at the brainstorming wall of images that people put up, I thought of trying to appeal to the high school audience and play to the nature of the work "atypical." Barcodes seem like the ultimate symbol for conformity (I feel like I'm in high school when I say that word) and that making a theme of altered or broken barcodes might look nice. Again, I messed with the negative space, putting the symposium name inside. Then I played around with different ways to alter the shape, and then played around with the idea of making so sort of wayfinding/signage system.

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