March 2, 2011

Atypeical: Image Selection and Copy Refinement

For this round of work done, I was on the copy-refinement team and on the team that narrowed down the images that we are going to use on all the materials.
For the type, we didn't want to do a lot of BIG changes. After all, we spent a whole class period earlier back synthesizing the tagline and description we wanted to use. So, Bethany and I created a sort of web of options, with some slight word variations, so that a vote could be easy. As for the copy, we just tweeked a phrased here and there, and made some variations on that for good measure and to make sure we covered everything!

For the image selection, we wanted to focus on having a variety of images, both digital and analog. These images needed to have a certain degree of abstractness to them, so that they did not conflict with and copy that went on top of them and did not compete with the logo.

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