September 18, 2010

Poster Rounds 2 and 3

Round 2:


“The” : Move it somewhere else, or make it a bit smaller, or bring it in closer.

The name does not need to span the whole page

Make the name more bold by changing the color, or making it bigger. just make sure it is visually different from “sept.”

Keep away from the edge, 1 inch border

don’t let stuff touch the banner, lift up the text

consider revising, removing some of the outlines on the instruments

color change between the different levels of type, to show the difference

clouds do not need to be cut all the way through every time.

keep in mind the color of the folly frame

red and yellow combination not working

don’t let the lightning cross over the type

work on the placement of the type in relation to the instruments

more color in the insturuments

type too scattered, stack more

Thanks a bunch to Vi, my official and proficient note-taker. I don't know how I would write all this down or remember it without her help. Between Monday and Friday, I spent a lot of time trying to work with the colors. That's something that I've had a lot of trouble with, it seems. I was also trying to clarify some issues with the type, and overall unify everything my removing stuff like digital craft issues and some details in the images, like overlapping layers and removing the music notes.

Round Three:

There was actually one more poster that went along with these, with another color scheme. But I accidentally saved over if while I was working on it Friday after class, fiddle sticks! It looked SOMETHING like this:

Anyway, this is the sort of color scheme that I decided to go with. Kind of dark? Yes. It's a lightning storm. But I am in the process of working out some of the color kinks (story of my life, apparently, haha!) Also, I am messing around with adding the band name back into the cloud at the top. But at the same time, I really like the formal appearance of the all of the text and instruments crashing together at the bottom of the page. We'll see how it goes. Perhaps another post before bedtime?

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