September 5, 2010

Narrative Video/ some process

Behold! Here are some of my notes, research, and thoughts pre-game to the actual making of the video. It took a while to work out what I wanted to convey through the 15-seconds that we were allowed (even though I didn't end up conveying it so well). I tried to figure it all out by writing down everything I could think of, and highlighting the most important things.

Then I tried to separate out while I thought that I could cover visually, and what I could cover through the audio.
Setting things up:
And once again, here's the video. While the still shots seemed to look fine in quality, and the actual process of making the stop motion wasn't that difficult, bringing it into the computer and rendering it into a video was pretty frustrating. But that's a technical issue, not something that had to do with the conceptual level of the video. I'll work harder in the next portion of this assignment to make sure that I more clearly define the points that we are suppose to cover.

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