September 26, 2010

Logos-Ethos-Pathos Packaging

Logos - ACT Mouthwash
For the logical appeal, I chose a heath-related product. Seemed like a logical choice to make, since many health/hygiene-related products like to list their beneficial facts. Act is no exception. Who wouldn't use a product that can give so many positive results! :

Ethos - Annie's Bunny Grahams
Annie's Homegrown is a brand that likes to market itself as a healthier, more organic alternative to your average food product. This box of bunny grahams demonstrates this. The grahams have passed the test of the Whole Grain Counsel, good to know that Annie's is recognized by healthy organizations. But wait! This box isn't just a text of their character! You need to be a good person and make sure you recycle this box! Save the earth! A side panel of the box is devoted to talking about recycling. What a responsible company.

On a side note, after eye-balling the box on my desk for a while, I carefully unsealed the box and started to eat some of these bunny grahams. They taste terrible, like cardboard and chocolate with a nasty gluey aftertaste. I might just have to use the mouthwash to get the taste out.

Pathos - Dove Chocolates

Chocolate seemed like a logical choice for an emotional appeal product. Chocolate, in itself, is a pretty emotion-linked food. But if being chocolate isn't enough to make it emotional, these little chocolates are advertised as coming with little inspirational messages. You feel good while you eat your treat, and you can look at the wrapper later for an extra pick-me-up. Also, the language used on the packaging has its own feeling. "Silky smooth" chocolate sounds so comforting, and to top it all off, these chocolate squares are called "milk-chocolate promises."

The only promise I see coming out of this bag is assured weight gain. But hey, I'll be fat and happy.

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