September 25, 2010

Modes of Appeal Readings

Type and Image

Style as Message
Using pluralistic reinvention to add decoration and, more importantly, meaning to work. Taking references and styles from another time period is a way to add additional meaning to an image. From what I got from this reading, even if your try to create something that is "form follows function," the style that you are creating in (for example, the bauhaus' and their style) still has meaning, still has some sort of historical context. Pluralistic reinvention is when you extract from the vocabulary of form and expression from other times to create graphic resonance. So, decoration can't be pointless, because even decoration can have its own meaning.

Aristotle's Appeal

Ahhh, this semester continues to drag me back in to thoughts of my high school English courses.
Logos, ethos, and pathos are different modes of appeal used to persuade the audience.

Logos - Logical appeal. This is all about facts, facts, facts. Win the audience with a clear, clean, and logical explanation.

Pathos - Emotional appeal. This is probably the most personal of the appeals, and tries to tug at the audiences' heart. This could be through some sort of narrative, or shocking image. But you're trying to make the audience FEEL.

Ethos - appeal to personal ethics / character. Expertise, integrity, you need to seem credible.

This will be a fun scavenger hunt at the grocery store!

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