September 25, 2010

NA Project Detail Narrative # 2

Unfortunately, I do not have an image reference to go with this post. I was negligent in documenting my work before turning it in. That aside, I will attempt to still talk about it without the visual aid.

For this round of the one-channel-only projects, I went along with the image channel. At first, I wanted to create some sort of story book showing the interaction of the audience (parents and their children) with one another. This was promptly shut down, but for good reason. I was thinking out of reach, given the short time frame. One very useful bit of advice that I gleaned from the peer discussion we had on Monday was that I didn't need to label what I was going to make. It didn't need to be a book, or a brochure, or a poster. This helped a lot as I tried to come up with something new.

The concept that I ended up coming up with was an interactive piece that showed a (potentially) infinite relationship that could be experienced by the audience of my organization. The two-sided piece visually told a story of two different families that traveled to one anothers' homes for different reasons, so that the children could have their "playdate." The cars that could be pushed across the board represented the lasting connection that the members of playdates could form. As one car was pushed across the page on one side of the board, at the same time the other car would be scooted back to the starting position (they were attached).

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