September 15, 2010

NA Project 3 Detail Narrative

For this assignment, I utilized solely the channel of text to "narrate" the PlayDates mission statement. One thing that I found to be a challenge was the task of animating the text in a fashion so that it revealed more to the message than the words themselves. Through color change, movement and arrangement, I attempted to illustrate the mission statement with some special flares. I also tried to move the text in a quick, fluid manner so that it was read as one continuous thought, instead of broken up, unrelated phrases.

I constructed my narrative in a linear fashion, and only allowed the viewer to see smaller parts of the whole message as I revealed them. At the same time, I also allowed the viewer to "look back" at the previous portions of the sentence, or narrative, by keeping it at the top of the screen. This also helped unify the message as a whole, as mentioned before, in contrast to only being seen as pieces.


  1. The way that the text was animated there is a sense of narration. A sequence of events is clearly define by the narration and there is a playful approach by the way the text is arranged that it makes it feel like is directed for children and there is a children subject. I feel though that in some parts it gets too fast for the viewer to absorb , when it reaches to "one another...". I like the introduction of color in safely but I will like to see this component added more throughout the piece to emphasize the playful quality. I enjoy that at the end you can read the full message , yet I think that having more color is important. As well the importance of the audience is targeted which are the children and the parents.
    This piece is definitely a film image that even though they are just words or text the interaction of the words such as "connect" become more of a moving image, rather than just a word.

  2. hey Kelsey,

    Your narrative fits well with the content your conveying. It has a nice flow in the movement of typography, but seems to be a little fast in a few spots. "Our goal is to facilitate a means by which..." feels fast and leads me to read it even after the next line of text. Maybe this is your main Statement, but then you have a short snappy one that sums it up. Due to the sake of time I feel simplify the statement will improve the narrative, maybe the viewer will be less concentrated with the narrative, and more focused on the benefits the program has for their family. Maybe Connecting is static on the screen, and then "Families" appears only to be replaced by "Communities" and then "Children"
    "Play Dates....Connect with one another"