April 24, 2011

Nelson Event: Saturday Testing. Children! :)

This is what I had on Friday: It was vertical, and there were hierarchy problems, some issues with the clarity of the maps, and the back needed some serious help.

Based on the feedback that I got on Friday, this is the map that I presented the kids with on the Saturday expedition. I focused on making the map the best it could be, and left the events page to be edited later ( since the kids wouldn't be using it at all).

On the positive note, the map was pretty easy to follow, and the verbal clues helped with the navigation once the kids were in the general vicinity of the sculpture.
But one thing that the children seemed to have a problem with was orienting themselves with the map. They wanted to be able to easily turn the map so that it faced whatever direction they were wandering in. This seems like an easy enough fix.

They were also bothered by the fact that they didn’t have anything to put their birds in. And I don’t mean the craft tree, I mean something like a pocket or envelope. And while parents might help with carrying things, this parent did not. Holding the map and the cards was a bit too much.
Engagement was the biggest problem that I ran into. Once the kids came to the sculptures, they got their bird card...and that was it. There’s not enough education happening, and not a lot of interaction. The cards are were this change needs to happen, and these need to give the kids some reason to reflect.
Lastly, it was a board. It shouldn’t be a board.

To combat the issues there, I gave in and made the piece fold-able. There is the title page, center page with the map and birds with the clues, and the back is the event listing. I've simplified the map a bit more and cut the top of the map off; who really needs to go up there anyway? There was a pocket function now, but I will be moving in the direction of the envelope (or the poor birdies will fall out). Now I need to focus on the cards, while finessing the map paper for Friday!