May 4, 2011

Type Experiments: Thinking

Throughout the process of executing these experiments, there are a lot of things that I have learned. One thing that ended up shaping the hole project was the unpredictably of what I was working with. At times, it was difficult to reign in the materials and get them to work in my favor, and even then, the outcome of each experiment was, to a certain extent (some more than others), out of my hands. That's not so say though, that I did not have any successes.
Since it was sort of impossible to predict what a going to happen, I was often open to ANYTHING that would happen, as long as there was a change. For instance, in some of my water experiments, the water ran down because it was on an incline. This was unexpected, but not unwelcomed. It was this sort of discovery that drove most of the experiments (and I imagine it was the same with other people too).