April 21, 2011

Nelson Event: Peer User Testing

My new map and back are, if I'm allowed to say, very exciting! Or at least, I am excited about them, I'm enjoying the next, even more geometric design that I'm basing everything off of. After the user testing though, there are a lot of things I still need to work on. For one, I spent so much time on the map, that I need to bring the cards up to snuff now too. I'm also going to experiment with different layouts of the map, and a few new sizes.
This current map is 24 by 13.3, which I thought, on really thick paper, might be able to hold up. It would save with the folding frustration, and give the kids something big to work with. But, it has been suggested that I have it fold. I will consider this, but I'm not sold on it yet.


There was some more text on the back of Vi's, talking about adding more pathways, and the contrast of the map being low in black and white.

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