April 18, 2011

Experimental Typography Test

This weekend I spent an extended amount of time recording type over time. I played around with flowers again, like in the previous class, and I also did a lot of type with water. I feel like I started to get something with the water, because of some variables that happened to be in the area I was filming. While this is a technical detail, it's still significant, considering the fact that that is the nature of the question I am asking.

In the flower piece, I waiting for either the flowers to wither or the wind to blow them away. Either element was fine, or a combination of the two, since that's just what happens. The wind was very mild yesterday, but after a few suprise gusts, the flowers were in a pretty good state of disarray, making it nearly impossible to read the word that it originally was.

In the first and second water test, I was trying to play with the nature of the water spreads. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the degree that it did NOT spread. When I did initial tests—on a smaller scale—to the letters, there was a lot of spread of the water, which resulted in almost losing the letter's legibility altogether. Now that I've changed the scale of the letters though, it's not nearly as obvious.

After the first two tests with water, I realized that something more interesting than what I was trying to test was happening. I was filming on a slight incline, and the water was beginning to drip. This was a new factor that I had not thought about before, and for the third water test, I changed locations and tried to capitalize on this running water effect.

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