April 12, 2011

It is Beautiful, Then Gone

While the processes for both of the projects were interesting, I felt that the Sundance project was a more useful read. Venezky talks about the project being split into several pieces that work individually, and were created independently and then brought together. While the Reebok work was very different from what is normally done for Sports design, the unpredictability of the Sundance work really appeals to me and relates more to the experimental type that I'm doing.

While what we are doing are technically experiments, it really frustrates me and makes me nervous when I think about the prospect of them not going anywhere or failing completely. I've been working on several different works at once, trying to answer the questions that I posed at the beginning of the project.

  • How can human interaction change the form or legibility of type placed in nature?
  • How can time effect the state of type placed in nature?
  • How can type be presented in nature to make people more aware of their environment?
  • What kind of type can be placed in an environment without it effecting the well-being of the nature in it?
  • How can nature be manipulated to form legible type?
  • How can a font be made that expresses the environment it was created in?
  • How can typography reflect the patterns found in nature?
  • How can the unpredictability of nature be translated into typographic form?
  • How can type emulate the symbiosis of natural and manmade elements?
  • How can the passage of time evolve or devolve typography in nature?
While I think that some of my projects are beginning to answer the questions, some of them are not. And some of them are just not working. It's like the part of the Sundance work where they start to match the pairs of images and texts together, except some of them aren't matching at all. And also, even on the things that are beginning to work, it seems like they are unrefined pieces, not necessarily something that can be easily shown.

As I continue to work on more experiments, I will also work on refining their quality, keeping them in a managable time frame, and trouble shooting to resolve and prevent problems found in the past experiments.

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