April 21, 2010

Museum Exhibition Title Ideaaas!

  1. The Dinner Ritual
  2. Recipes for Disaster
  3. Instruments of the Trade
  4. Aspiring Amateur
  5. Yearly Tradition
  6. Family Traditions
  7. Playing with Fire: Cooking Mishaps
  8. Cozy Cuisine
  9. Recipe Relations
  10. Producing the Final Product

I've been working on thumbnails this evening, and working through it, I've been thinking about the suggestion to make the exhibition theme about a particular chef. This seems like a fun idea, and Julia Childs is the chef I wanted to choose, so I've started brainstorming ideas that a relative to her career/life. I'm still keeping it in the mix with some other ideas, and I'll see how they shape up. I'll continue to think through the other directs, but might need to think of some new, more appropriate titles if this ends up being about Childs..

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to the Julia titles too. All titles you've listed are viable. 3, 5 and 10 are a bit vague and may benefit from some reference to food, cooking, etc.