April 9, 2010

Infographics Linear Progression

The Research
For this infograph, I took the information from a magazine article. It was a very useful article, with lots of factoids about food, and then a timeline of food that a person ate over the period of two days. On one day she snacked all day, and on the other she planned out her meals. The purpose of the information is to convey the importance of forethought when it comes to eating.

Round 1
For the first step of the graph, I needed to just get the information down on paper, and give it some organization. The idea of meals around the clock is formed, but at this point there's no hierarchy or real system to it.

Round 2
These two versions play with a more refined version of the clock (although that clock is not a good clock to use). The icons are used as a coding system instead of just standing with random blurbs of information. The pizza box is used for poor choices, and the carrots are used for good choices. There is color coding in this stage, as well.

Round 3

In the first round of digital translations, it was a challenge fitting all the information into the space a page-sized document, and the infographs became rather cluttered and confusing. I removed the icons next to each food item, and just used them at the top as a key. This cleared up some of the mess, but not much. I also tried to clarify the clock, and the beginning point of the information listed in it. Everything is these are very messy, and the type is all different and hard to read. From this point, I needed to cut down my information, de-clutter everything, and try to unify the elements of my infographs with the magazine article they're to be inserted in.

Round 4

Lots of cleaning up! This is a BIG change from what I had before, but it's a lot more clear than it previously was. In this version, I changed the type and the font sizes so that all matched with the article. I also set it up in a 3-line grid, just like the article. In this though, there are some informations (like the ket at the top and the information at the bottom of the clock) that needed to be presented differently, since they are not the same information as the other boxed elements.


Ta-da! This is the final that was added to the magazine. It is a gate-fold that flips out from the second spread. In this version, I attempted to resolve the issue of the information divide by added bars to the top and bottom, that echo the shape of a recipe card. The bottom portion still needs some resolution, but it's gotten a lot better!

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