April 6, 2010

More Butcher Paper Mock-ups

More Process work for the infographs!

This one is a map of a kitchen with clean-up and safety tips. It is color coded, with the icons being used as the key. I'm not going to be using a drawing though! I was also playing around with using a montage of photos all placed together, buuuuut that's not looking to good. Here's the digital translations:
From this version, I like the organization of the information at the top of the image, although I need to put the information in a 3-column grid like it is in my article.
From this version, I am going to take the placement of the icons. Instead of being under the text, which just makes both elements difficult to read, they'll be chillin next to the information that they are categorizing. Also, the line weights in the infographs need to match the lines that I have in my article. There needs to be lot more cohesion between the images and the article they're in!


Here are the butcher-paper iterations that I made for my Food Trends timeline. From these, I found that the cookie one was too specific, and that it was too busy with other information too. I chose to continue to go with the recipe box version, as it was one of my icons, and it seemed more appropriate.


This was the first iteration of the timeline that I did. In this I finally got the linear nature of a timeline pinned down, but that's about it. The next one is much more successful!
In this version of the recipe-box timeline, I inserted the information into the actual icons. I've also started editing out information, to make the facts more concise and fit into the cards. Everything I've done digitally is messy, so I'm trying to clean things up! Everything needs more space in this, and I need to make the type in the tab portion of the card look like part of the card rather than the text.

Clock Time-Based/Comparative
From these butcher-paper explorations, I decided that I wanted to have only one clock, instead of two. This chart is showing a day of bad eating (or snacking) versus a day of planned meals. The time base is, of course, the time of the day, and then the comparative is the calories in the food that the people ate. Pulled out from the these bits of information are addition facts about healthy eating choices (suggestions, nutritional info, etc.).

Once again, I need to pay more attention to the infographs and article as ONE unit instead of separate projects. This information is SO MESSY! I will be cutting down the information in this graph, changing the colors to match the icon colors, and changing the text so that it is unified with the text in the article. Also, the text needs to be in grids that will match the article. This particular infograph might become a gate-fold page, or a fourth spread. I'm not sure which at this very moment, we'll see how the day treats us, but I'm hoping for the gate-fold. This graph has enough information in it that it could be an article of its own.

From this iteration of the clock, I will be taking the title/key (so that there are not any paragraphs of information like in the first version). I'll also be taking the arrow from this version and altering the clock so that the beginning and ending of the graph will be more apparent!

Altogether, I need to work on making the infographs and article work together, and I've got a lot of work to get to that spot! Gonna unify text, unify color, and unify the layouts.

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  1. Good detail look into process.

    Per your timeline infograph, I would like to see you be more true to your recipe card box icon - by adjusting that form to accommodate the information. Review how keaton did this with the coffee cup.

    You have used your icons successfully as coding/keys in the other 2 infographs - but they are arbitrary and inconsistent in the timeline - so no need to force them in here.