April 2, 2010

Find and Share!


Titled "Solar Beat," This information graphic is a lovely example of tiiiiiime-based information display! It's a graphical, informational, musical diagram of the orbit patterns of the planets in the solar system! It also allows you to adjust the tempo of the "beat," making it a bit interactive!

I chose this because I'm personally drawn to really simple, clean diagrams like Solar Beat. Normally, if this were a still image, it would be too simple, and kind of dull. The added flare of the musical element is a nice touch, but it's not distracting from the information, and actually emphasizes what they're trying to convey more clearing than if it were a stagnate image with numbers. Numbers are educational, but don't always have the impact that something like Solar beat does. In the time that pluto made one lap around the sun, Mercury had gone around something like 600? That's an interesting fact in itself, but watching that little dot zoom and zoom and zoom around the sun makes the information so much more clear!

In case we needed to find a still information graphic, I also found this:

I think I have a bit of a dot fetish. Haha no, I just love how seemingly simple is it to show such a large amount of information. The designer here is using the trick of scale for this information graphic, and boy is it working! The juxtaposition of the HUGE vaccine dot next to its tiny side effect bubbles makes it clear how unlikely patients are to suffer from the vaccine. Then, the designer also seamlessly integrates more facts, comparing likeliness of death to other causes, into the rest of the information graphic. So clever!

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