April 8, 2010

Book Covers 2nd round

SO. From last time, I have made some changes to the book covers and added some elements as well! :
I found some more suitable band-aids to paste onto the teddy-bear, and instead of only having one color in each element, I added some of the pantone red to the bandaid to give it a bit more dimensionality.
Ew gross! So for this one, I changed the food in the middle and added a little red in the shadows. I also added a bar across the food to make it look more like a warning sign!
Again, I added mixed the colors in both the clock and the food. I'm getting more confident when it comes to mixing the colors, and figuring out how mixing them can add more depth.
In this book cover I changed the contrast of the bows so they stood out against the background more. But they need some more work. :)

These are some backs that I'm playing around with as an alternative to the recipe card backs. Not sure which I prefer yet, but I wanted to mess around with it.

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