October 14, 2009

Title and Discription Options

Title Ideas:
  • Little Lines / Hidden Lines (in case alliteration is too hokey)
  • Looking Closely for Lines
  • Kansas City : The Smaller Attractions
  • A Tourist's Guide: Line-Finding in Kansas City
  • Paths and Photographs
  • Profiles of Kansas City
When walking around Kansas City, it is normal for us to notice the buildings, the people, and the attractions. But this book takes a closer look at the city, at things just as interesting, but not as commonly noticed. Lines are everywhere, and just as beautiful as the typical tourist attractions that draw people to the city. Cracks on walls, window panes, and shadows on the ground make up this book of the tiny lines of Kansas City.

Lines make up everything we see, but their beauty often goes unnoticed. Lines create shapes, then the shapes create the forms that we recognize as the objects around us. This books establishes the connections between the basic form--the line--and photographs of the complex forms from around Kansas City that show strong examples of line compositions in their structure.

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