October 18, 2009

3 Found Color Ideas

Inside of a Craft Story (focus on fabrics)

The inside of a Hobby Lobby or a JoAnne is filled with lots of vivid colors, and I was thinking of focusing on the color combinations found in the fabric section of the store. Since the patterns on fabrics typically have limited color pallets, it would be a good way to study interactions of only a few colors at a time.


This would be a color study about children’s toys. I think this would be a really cool study, due to the really bright colors always associated with youth. Plus, there are always different colors schemes for different age groups and sexes of kids, so I think there would be a lot of variety.


Candies come in a plethora of different colors and are for the most part are really basic shapes. Macro shots of different candies or candy wrappers would allow for nice color studies, and really nice pictures too!

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