October 11, 2009

Making it Storm

After a couple weeks of working with Ws, the project is coming to a finish. Here's a recap of the process, some of these pictures I've posted before in previous posts.

First, the cropped sketches of ours two font choices. We selected the most visually compelling sketches and put them into illustrator, using clipping masks to frame them. These final choices were then taken to the next part of the process.

Images were imported into the files. The subjects of these images had to start with the letter we chose, and together they had to make some sort of connection. I chose weather and windows. These are my favorite compositions from each font-I decided that for the next step, images of closed windows were preferable over open ones.

At the same time, we were creating 8-step sequences between the two compositions, showing different ways in which one letter could transform into the other. Some of the methods used were twisting, scaling, and moving the letters off the frame.

All of these were compiled into Adobe Flash, where we used the sequences we did to help animate the letters. Learning the program was tricky, but well worth it; putting letters in motion is an interesting project, and allows you to explore the shapes of the letters more than static images can. He's my final result, with a little added sound to go with it!

W Flash from Kelsey Anderson on Vimeo.

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