October 8, 2009

Project 2 Reading Response/Progress Report

Juxtaposition of lines to create depth, space, rhythm or shape

While working on the line study pairings, I'm trying to keep in mind the ideas discussed in the reading (which I am late on posting about) in the Graphic Design: the New Basics book. Juxtaposing my line studies with the photographs has proven to be pretty tricky-it's not just about matching up corresponding line weights and directions, as I thought it was initially. The pairs are a lot more interesting-and tell better stories-if I pay more attention to the less obvious similarities.

This random straight line study is not mirrored in any way, in fact, to be honest, I didn't check to see if the lines in each image lined up at all. Even if they don't match up, the rhythm in each is similar. It's almost as if the random line is reflecting the overall texture of the woodgrain.
Individually, these two images give off a completely different feel, and I flipped past them while looking for good pairs without considering their relationship several times. but once I laid them down next to each other, and worked on the cropping of the photograph, the lines from the photograph created a path from the line study that gave the combined image a more interesting composition. Plus, the pipes in the photo translate into line study, giving a sense of shape and depth to what would otherwise be a flat image.

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  1. Good observations about pushing the project past the obvious, to achieve far more interesting and holistic compositions.