October 22, 2009

Scher Video

In Paula Scher’s video, she talks about how her designs often reflect the city that she lives in. Crowded, bold, and tall shapes define both New York City and her artwork. This seems to be an inevitability for every artist, although it’s in no way a negative thing.

This was a really cool video to watch, since it’s easy to relate to what Scher was talking about. While working on this project, I seemed to have a tendency to prefer my photographs of small objects or macro shots over those that were of large things like buildings. I’m fairly new to Kansas City, living here only one year, and my frame of reference for this city is mostly the area immediately around the campus. Even back home, I’ve always been intimidated by dense areas of city, and find details in small things in my immediate area to be way more interesting. Even after going into the business district of Kansas City and taking lots of pictures there, I seemed to prefer photos of staples poking out of a telephone pole more than glossy skyscrapers.

Even though this is interesting, it's also important to realize what I'm comfortable with in order to move away from it. It's cool to have preferences and tendencies, but getting stuck in one style could be bad since it would prevent me from moving forward.

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