October 22, 2009

Project 2 Reading Response

"Graphic Design: The New Basics" Reading on figure/ground - framing

The purpose of our line studies is an evaluation of positive and negative space and the interaction of these spaces with each other. The figure/ground relationship of the line studies aren't just important in themselves though, the photographs that we pair with them are informed by the lines. A photograph can relate to several different line studies, but each line study activates a different figure/ground relationship.

Without the line study next to it, the rounded shaped in the background of this photograph would be much less apparent. But the background becomes a dominant element of the photograph once it is compared to the juxtaposing round lines.

Scale is a really important element in the books we are working on, and cropping was a leading factor in enabling me to create dynamic photo/line pairs. Like in this pair, where the cropping allowed me to make a formal comparison of lines between these two pieces. And framing created by the images themselves create an additional divide, making it seem like 4 panels instead of 2.

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  1. great examples showing how you are employing these principles in your own work.