October 29, 2010

"Test" (edited with more logos explanation)

Original packaging choices:

ACT MOUTHWASH : LOGOS : This product shows a logos appeal because of the diagrammatic list that is on the front center of the package. It lists all the benefits of using the product, logical reasons any person can agree to wanting.
DOVE CHOCOLATE : PATHOS : The chocolates themselves have a lot of emotional connotation. The copy on this package speaks to the audience in an emotional manner ("inspire," "love yourself," "silky smooth") hoping you will make a connection with the inspirational messages from people "just like you."

BUNNY GRAHAMS : ETHOS : Annie's Homegrown is a company with a reputation for well-made, all-natural, kid-friendly foods. This ethical, respectable feeling is upheld by the Whole Wheat Society seal of approval, the 75% organic seal, and the very nature and rendering style of the bunny seal in the logo.
REDESIGN : LOGOS : this design is logos because it is showing the whole-wheat ingredient front and center. It still has a playful air to it, but dominantly speaks to the fact that this food is made with the whole wheat represented by the bunny wheat.

On previous designs of this packaging, I displayed a use of the logos though straightforward representation of the product, another version of the wheat theme that showed the process (wheat in field, then grain that is separated, then the completed cookies), and sort of mathematical equation, showing the combination of wheat and chocolate chips to make a cookie. All of these methods were a very matter-of-fact manner, dealing with the logistic side of persuasion.

REDESIGN : PATHOS : This appeal is achieved by the playful imagery that is speaking to the children that eat this food. It also advertises the opportunity to make the box into a game, appealing to a child's love of fun and interactivity.

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  1. How did you demonstrate your knowledge of logos (as made evident by your own sketches/comps, including that from other early product explorations, in this project)?