October 15, 2010

Annie's Bunnies - Repackaging Progress

Continuing with the research/sketching for the Annie's Bunny grahams! Since all of my stuff seems to have a lot of analog/drawing, I've been looking up lots of pictures as reference. Not gonna lie, it's hard work.
Some of my image findings. This is probably the worst thing EVER to look up pictures for, every image is linked to a site of more cute, cute, cute pictures! Very distracting!

So, here are the first round of full-sized ideas. I mostly focused on the logos appeal.

made with whole wheat - bunny-shaped wheat
Made with whole wheat - bunny farmer
Fact listing - eating hay/grass (scrapped) ((still think it's cute, just not the best idea for this project)
Made with whole wheat - intertwining (too elegant for children's food–scrapped)
Venn diagram - wheat + chocolate = bunnies
Here are a few of the materials I was considering using. Since it is all natural, and also it is for kids, I would like to try and keep the packagings at least somewhat hand-crafted. Paper cuttings, drawings, even using textures.

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