October 8, 2010

Packaging Concepts

Annie's Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams

First, here's my logos approaches:

#1 - facts listed
With this version, I'm going to be listing many good reasons why it would be beneficial for you to purchase bunny grahams. In this example, I've got the facts listed at the bottom, in the form of blades of grass. I like the idea of created an environment for these graham bunnies.
#2 - Made with Whole Grains
For this concept, I'm playing around with the image of wheat to show that this snack is in fact, made from whole grains. I need to play with scale some more, and ways to integrate the type, lots of other things. But this is the idea that I have the most iterations on so far.
#3 - Venn Diagram / math-related
This is one I'm really excited to play around with some more. whole grain + chocolate chips = bunny grahams!
And for pathos:

#1 - huge bunny character face
This would be pathos by making it interactive. I've begun experimenting with some materials for this, and I'm looking at things like kids snacks and cereal boxes for ideas.
#2 - Theater/puppet show?
This might be too similar to the idea above, if I don't play it off right. This plays off of the kids imagination, and has to do with childplay.
#3 - Terrified Bunnies
This is pretty self-explanatory.

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