September 1, 2011

Ivanhoe Assessment

Talking to Dina about the issues in Ivanhoe gave me a good idea of what what really needs to be addressed in the neighborhood. Some things that stood out to me were:

  • Only 30% own cars, most must use the bus system
  • Beautification can really help raise the morale of the neighborhood
  • The lack of grocery stores
  • Poor nutrition is leading to obesity among the youth
  • Ivanhoe got special permission to sell "lawn veggies" in order to help with the garden movement
  • Not many have internet, but most have cell phones
  • Many people jobless and sitting on their porch, uninvolved and apathetic
  • 87-89% of the women involved in community are single moms
  • UMB opening in the neighborhood council building is a great opportunity
  • Not a lot of winter activities for children
  • Community is very involved in the churches, religion is a source of hope
  • They would like to continue to clean to make the public spaces safe for kids
  • Some sort of hope and pride in the bakery on the corner? Perhaps more small business like this is needed?
Out of all of these, the things that I find to be the most important are either the importance of the UMB opening, or  perhaps the nutrition of the youth.

For the bank, I would need to contact the Lady in charge of their branch to begin with. To be honest, I don't know what could be best for the bank, so I would only know who else to call after I got soe feedback from her first.

For the issue of nutrition, I would like to get in contact with the leader of the children's activities position at the neighborhood council. Also, attending a meeting where I could talk to some of the parents that are involved would be useful in finding out where the problems might be. Then go from there.

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