September 11, 2011

Half Price Books Presentation

Half Price Books
I chose to rebrand Half Price Books, a store the resells books as well as CDs, records, movies, magazines, etc. Currently HPB is seen by their audience as being an affordable, vast collection of used books. But they are much much more than that, and with their current branding, it is unfortunately not clear how big of a role they play. Because of the scattered, cozy nature of their stores, and their name containing the words “half-price,” they are currently giving off a vibe that seems to be a little more “cheap” than it needs to be. HPB is a wonderful company in the fact that they are community-based and extremely invested in literacy, education, and green movement programs. Unfortunately, these wonderful qualities are not well reflected in their current branding, which is somewhat scattered and off-track of their mission statement. My goal with this rebranding is to update and enliven Half Price Books so that the emphasis of is about their strong values rather than their affordable prices.

Half Price Books

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