September 8, 2011

Visual Audit and Mood Board

 For our visual audit and mood board, Brandon and I decided to turn them into one piece, because many of the bright colorful images for the audit side served as inspiration to us. Don't worry though, they are still separated, with the audit on the left and the mood board on the right.
 Middle school/junior high school students are very in tune with popular culture, no matter what clique they fall into. They might be a Beiber fan, enjoy the peppy beats of Katy Perry, or perhaps spend their time keeping up to date with the latest television shows (adventure time is immensely popular among the artsy/fringe crowd).
 Most of our target audience is consumed, one way or another, in their self image. This of course helps them relate with their friends and distinguish themselves as individuals.
 Both social networking and mobile communications are detrimental to these kids. they never put down their phones, much to the frustration of their parents and teachers. Just like with their clothing and accessories, they use their facebook as a way to express themselves. They spend a lot of time editing their interests so that it reflects all they have in common with their friends.
 They are of course young and fun! Middle schoolers, while very self conscious, also really put themselves out there for the sake of making friends and expressing themselves as being independent.
 And of course there is the awkwardness.

 As for the mood board, we tried to find things that both represented their young, bright personalities, while including a large variety to represent such a large crowd. I thought this was an interesting and cute little definition that at first appears scholarly, but then is actually something funny that middle schoolers can relate to.
 We found many geometrical, brightly colored icons and images that reference some of the digital media that they use.
As for text, we found a variety of both digitally and hand-rendered examples that, again, speak to the youthful nature of the group. This rendering also reminded us of the doodlings that many students do on their notes and homework (of course this will not be rendered in quit as a juvenile manner).

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