August 31, 2011

Visual Advocacy: Readings

Graphic Agitation

The thing that I thought was most interesting, and almost disturbing, about this essay was how successful design was as a propaganda tool. At first it seems like, yes, this is a great tool! We can use to the inform and share our opinions with the people around us. But its benefit of being a succinct way of delivering a message also seems like a scary downfall. I know that I sometimes fall prey to making a huge assumption on a broad topic base on very little information. I love the idea that something so powerful can be so simply conveyed. I just hope that I'm never on the opposing end of that message.

Visualizing a Revolution

Just because there are people in need doesn't mean that you make them look needy. Douglas did an amazing job of empowering the civil rights movement through his visual imagery in the Black Panther. He showed the strength of the victims of racism, so that they would feel supported and strong, instead of pitied and weak. Wonderful!

Design of Dissent

Powerful political design evokes action from its viewers. It's a gift to be able to "rally the troops" through the method of design, and apparently dissent saves democracy, and helps everything be equal. Same as the Graphic Agitation reading, I got the a similar message of "this can deliver both good and bad" from this article/interview.

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