August 23, 2011

Good Citizenship

Katherine McCoy, you make me aware and uncomfortable.

From this reading, I gathered that apathetic designers are the professional equivalent of a prostitute. Steady, reliable service with an objective, removed point of view. This was an interesting read as it was an eye-opening article about the importance of creating design with a bias. Instead of being universal, it creates a more meaningful message because of its passion.
If this class it based on this article, I am both excited and apprehensive about what we will be doing. I, of course, have things that I have very opinionated about. But expressing those opinions publicly, and even worse, loudly, is something that I have been taught from an early age to not do. That's not to say that I'm stubbornly against being active and concerned, but rather that it might not come naturally to someone inclined to feigning apathy.

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